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Connecting to Your Workspace

Your Steampipe workspace database has a public IP address, allowing you to connect to it from anywhere using the Steampipe CLI or other standard tools and utilities that support Postgres.

The Connect tab for your workspace will provide the Postgres connection string. Note that the connection string includes your password. It is masked in the web console display, but you can click Copy connection string to copy it so you can paste it into your tool's configuration screen.

Connecting from Steampipe CLI

You can use the Steampipe CLI to query your workspace database, or to run benchmarks and controls against your workspace. You can use environment variables to specify your Steampipe Cloud options:

export STEAMPIPE_CLOUD_TOKEN=spt_c6f5tmpe4mv9appio5rg_3jz0a8fakekeyf8ng72qr646
steampipe query

The CLI works exactly the same as for the embedded database, including running inline queries:

steampipe query "select * from aws_account"

And even running benchmarks!

steampipe check all

Alternatively, you can specify cloud options on the command line:

steampipe --cloud-token=spt_c6f5tmpe4mv9appio5rg_3jz0a8fakekeyf8ng72qr646 --workspace-database=acme/prod check all