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User Profile & Settings

You can manage your user profile and credentials from the Settings page for your user account. Click your avatar in the top right and select Settings from the menu, or click the double arrow button from the navigation at the top of the page, select your user account from the dropdown, and then select Settings from the menu on the left.

Profile Settings

On the Settings page for your user account, click Profile from the left hand menu to manage your profile data. You can modify your Display Name or upload a custom Avatar.

You can also rotate your Database Password. Every Steampipe user has a single password they can use to log in to the workspaces to which they have access. (This is the password that appears in the connection string.) You can rotate your password at any time by clicking Rotate Password on the profile page. This may take a couple of minutes to propagate to all of your workspaces. Note that existing connections will not be terminated when you rotate your password.

Custom Avatar

When you create your user account, Steampipe Cloud will attempt to locate your public avatar for your email address. In the event that we can't find one, we'll generate a random one.

If you want to change your identity-provider or random avatar, you can upload a custom one. Simply click the avatar image and choose a JPEG or PNG file from your computer. You can also crop the image to your requirements. Once happy, click the Save option.

If you ever need to revert to the default avatar, click the Reset option.


On the Settings page for your user, click Notifications from the left hand menu to manage your Steampipe Cloud notification preferences. Choose what type of emails you wish to receive from Steampipe Cloud:

Community UpdatesGet notified of community information and events you may be interested in.
Product UpdatesGet notified of product updates as they are released.
Tips & TricksGet useful tips & tricks on using Steampipe Cloud.
SystemImportant system notifications related to your Steampipe Cloud account. System notifications cannot be disabled.


On the Settings page for your user, click Tokens from the left hand menu to manage your Steampipe Cloud tokens. You can use these tokens to access the Steampipe Cloud API, or to connect to Steampipe Cloud workspaces from the Steampipe CLI. You can have up to 2 tokens at a time.

Click New Token to create a new API token. The token will be masked, but you can reveal it by clicking the eye icon, or hover over it and click the clipboard icon to copy it. Make a secure note of the token as you will not be able to retrieve it again.

You can deactivate or delete a token from the list by clicking the options menu button (hamburger) and selecting Deactivate or Delete from the menu.

Reset Authentication

You will be able to authenticate against your account using either temporary tokens issued via console or CLI login, or with tokens managed via your profile settings.

If you wish to reset authentication to your user for all issued tokens, you can do so by going to the Settings page for your user, then clicking Advanced from the left hand menu. From here you'll find a Reset authentication section. Clicking the Reset authentication button will reset authentication for all existing temporary and user tokens.

This will also log you out of the current session and any other you have open at that stage. You will also need to re-generate any tokens you use for API access.

Audit Log

On the Settings page for your user account, click Audit Log from the left hand menu to view a log of API activity associated to your account.

Updating Your User Handle

You can update your user handle at any time. Note, however, that your workspace DNS names all contain your user handle; changing it will result in changing the DNS name for ALL of your workspaces.

On the Settings page for your user account, click Advanced from the left hand menu. Enter your new handle and click Save.

Permanently Deleting Your Steampipe Cloud Account

If you wish, you can permanently remove your personal account and all of its contents from the Steampipe platform. (We hate to see you go!) This action is not reversible, so please continue with caution.

On the Settings page for your user, click Advanced from the left hand menu, and then click Delete Personal Account. You will be prompted to confirm deletion; enter your user handle and click Delete.