Steampipe Mods

Powerpipe is now the recommended way to run dashboards and benchmarks! Mods still work as normal in Steampipe for now, but they are deprecated and will be removed in a future release:

A Steampipe mod is a portable, versioned collection of related Steampipe resources such as dashboards, benchmarks, queries, and controls. Steampipe mods and mod resources are defined in HCL, and distributed as simple text files. Modules can be found on the Steampipe Hub, and may be shared with others from any public git repository.

Mods provide an easy way to share dashboards, benchmarks, and other resources.

You can install a mod by cloning the repository:

git clone

Unlike plugins which are installed to the ~/.steampipe directory, mods are installed into (and loaded from) the current working directory. Alternatively, you may specify a path with the --mod-location argument:

steampipe query --mod-location steampipe-mod-aws-compliance

Notice that when running steampipe query from the workspace directory, the mod's queries and controls appear in the auto-complete, and you can run them by name:

> query.s3_bucket_versioning_enabled
| resource | status | reason | region | account_id |
| arn:aws:s3:::vandelay-industries-georges-bucket01 | ok | vandelay-industries-georges-bucket01 versioning enabled. | us-east-1 | 876515858155 |
| arn:aws:s3:::aws-cloudtrail-logs-876515858155-8592de2c | ok | aws-cloudtrail-logs-876515858155-8592de2c versioning enabled. | us-east-1 | 876515858155 |
| arn:aws:s3:::vandelay-industries-cosmos-bucket | ok | vandelay-industries-cosmos-bucket versioning enabled. | us-east-1 | 876515858155 |
| arn:aws:s3:::vanedaly-replicated-bucket-01 | ok | vanedaly-replicated-bucket-01 versioning enabled. | us-east-1 | 876515858155 |
| arn:aws:s3:::vandelay-industries-elaines-bucket | ok | vandelay-industries-elaines-bucket versioning enabled. | us-east-1 | 876515858155 |
| arn:aws:s3:::vandelay-industries-vandelay01 | ok | vandelay-industries-vandelay01 versioning enabled. | us-east-1 | 876515858155 |
| arn:aws:s3:::vandelay-industries-darins-bucket | ok | vandelay-industries-darins-bucket versioning enabled. | us-east-1 | 876515858155 |

If your mod contains dashboards, you can view them with the steampipe dashboard command. Simply change to the directory that contains the mod and run:

steampipe dashboard

You can also run steampipe check to run controls and benchmarks defined in the current directory:

steampipe check all

When steampipe runs, it loads all the resources defined in the mod and its dependencies and makes their resources available to steampipe query, steampipe check, and steampipe dashboard. Steampipe can even create a set of introspection tables that allow you to query the mod resources in the workspace. For performance reasons, introspection is disabled by default, however you can enable it by setting the STEAMPIPE_INTROSPECTION environment variable:


Once enabled, you can query the introspection tables. For example, you can list all the benchmarks in the workspace:

> select resource_name from steampipe_benchmark order by resource_name
| resource_name |
| cis_v130 |
| cis_v130_1 |
| cis_v130_2 |
| cis_v130_2_1 |
| cis_v130_2_2 |
| cis_v130_3 |
| cis_v130_4 |
| cis_v130_5 |
| pci_v321 |
| pci_v321_autoscaling |
| pci_v321_cloudtrail |
| pci_v321_kms |

You can explore the available mods on the Steampipe Hub, and you can create your own benchmarks and dashboards with SQL and HCL!