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Sets a remote cloud host used when connecting to Turbot Pipes workspaces. The default is pipes.turbot.com -- you only need to set this if you are connecting to a remote Turbot Pipes database that is NOT hosted in pipes.turbot.com, such as a dev/test instance. Your STEAMPIPE_CLOUD_TOKEN must be valid for the STEAMPIPE_CLOUD_HOST.

Alternatively, you can set the cloud host in the PIPES_HOST environment variable. Note that PIPES_HOST has lower precedence than STEAMPIPE_CLOUD_HOST - if both are set then STEAMPIPE_CLOUD_HOST will be used.


Default to use workspaces in test.steampipe.io:

export STEAMPIPE_CLOUD_HOST=test.steampipe.io
export STEAMPIPE_CLOUD_TOKEN=tpt_c6f5tmpe4mv9appio5rg_3jz0a8fakekeyf8ng72qr646