Take Snapshots

Powerpipe is now the recommended way to run dashboards and benchmarks! Mods still work as normal in Steampipe for now, but they are deprecated and will be removed in a future release:

Steampipe allows you to take snapshots. A snapshot is a saved view of a dashboard, query, or benchmark at a given point in time with a given set of inputs and variables. All data and metadata for a snapshot is contained in a JSON file which can be saved and viewed locally in the Steampipe Dashboard or uploaded to Turbot Pipes. Snapshots in Turbot Pipes may be shared with other Turbot Pipes users or made public (shared with anyone that has the link).

You can create Turbot Pipes snapshots directly from the Steampipe CLI, however if you wish to subsequently modify them (add/remove tags, change visibility) or delete them, you must do so from the Turbot Pipes console. You may browse the snapshot list in Turbot Pipes by clicking the Snapshots button on the top of your workspace's Dashboards page.