Hacktoberfest 2022: Steampipe

Earn swag for contributions to Steampipe!

Steampipe Team
5 min. read - Oct 03, 2022
Earn swag for contributions to Steampipe!

Steampipe is participating in Hacktoberfest this year!

What is Steampipe?

The core Steampipe engine maps APIs to Postgres tables that you can query with any SQL client. You might want to add to the suite of 86 plugins that do the API-to-SQL mapping, or enhance an existing plugin. There's also a suite of benchmarks and dashboards that use the engine to run compliance checks and visualize data. If you decide to build or modify one of those, you'll enjoy a fantastic developer experience.

Why contribute to Steampipe? We think it's pretty special but don't take our word for it. On Friday, we were #1 on Hacker News. Here's what people were saying.


"This is awesome. Makes me want to write a plugin for my SaaS, just because it looks fun."


"Steampipe is unbelievably powerful. Writing custom scripts for even the simplest of queries comes nowhere near the convenience of using PostgreSQL to get what you want."


"The Steampipe is the best tool I have seen since Terraform."

What is Hacktoberfest?

DigitalOcean is once again organizing the Hacktoberfest event to celebrate the open source community. Hacktoberfest invites you to submit pull requests to open source projects. Those who submit four or more PRs will receive an official Hacktoberfest t-shirt.

Steampipe has marked all of our public GitHub repos with the hacktoberfest topic. If we accept one or more of your PRs, they'll be labeled hacktoberfest-accepted and will count towards the DigitalOcean swag campaign.

Any special swag from Steampipe?

Yes! In addition to the DigitalOcean event, Steampipe is adding our own swag for contributions to Steampipe. We will offer unique Hacktoberfest stickers and Steampipe t-shirts for no-code, low-code and high-code contributions.

Who can participate?

Everyone! We welcome any contributions to the Steampipe community! From September 26th to October 31st, any approved and accepted contribution will qualify for the swag below.

Here are some examples of Steampipe Hacktoberfest 2022 swag. Each item is limited to one per person.

No-code for a Steampipe Hacktoberfest sticker:

Low-code for a next-level Steampipe Hacktoberfest sticker:

  • Raise a pull request for a bug fix or code improvement.

  • Add a new column to an existing table.

  • Add a new control to an existing benchmark.

High-code for a Steampipe Hacktoberfest t-shirt:

Advanced high-code for a next-level Steampipe Hacktoberfest t-shirt:

Inspire us! We'll also award prizes for innovative contributions that help move the community forward.

When do we get our Steampipe swag?

In the week following the event we will share links to redeem your swag. Most items will arrive in November, but depending on your location some may take longer.

Have questions?

If you have any questions, or if you need any help, file a GitHub issue or post in our Slack community #contributors channel.