Steampipe Hacktoberfest 2022 Recap

New plugins, CLI improvements, blog posts, and more: How the Steampipe community rallied together during Hacktoberfest.

Steampipe Team
5 min. read - Nov 16, 2022
New plugins, CLI improvements, blog posts, and more: How the Steampipe community rallied together during Hacktoberfest.

We regularly highlight Steampipe contributors, and we reward their efforts with swag. This year we upped our game by participating in Hacktoberfest by offering limited edition Steampipe Hacktoberfest 2022 stickers for no-code/low-code contributions (e.g. blog posts, doc updates, new table columns) and t-shirts for high-code contributions (e.g. new plugins or mods).

Our global community responded with a flurry of activity. From September 26th through October 31st 2022, we merged 38 contributions from 30 contributors representing 13 countries.

Top contributors: Alexis Minvielle-Debat and François de Metz (4 contributions each).

Top countries: France (10 contributions), India (9), and the United States (7).

45% of contributions were in the no-code category, including blog posts and documentation updates for and

20% were in the low-code category, including updated query examples, new columns added to existing tables, and more.

35% of the contributions were in the high-code category, including new Steampipe CLI features, new plugin tables, enhanced plugin capabilities, and two new plugins.

New plugins

Kumar Aggarrwal created Bitfinex to query the BITFINEX cryptocurrency exchange for currencies and tickers.

François de Metz created GitGuardian to query GitGuardian for secrets found by its scans of GitHub or GitLab repositories, as well as audit logs, workspace members, and sources.

Plugin updates

Alexis Minvielle-Debat added github_code_owners to the GitHub plugin, kubernetes_horizontal_pod_autoscaler to the Kubernetes plugin, and aws_ecr_image_scan_finding table to the AWS plugin.

Hannes Fant added the hcloud_placement_group table to the Hetzner Cloud plugin.

Hiep Pham added gitlab_project_job to the GitLab plugin.

Pavel Savchenko added github_tree to the GitHub plugin.

New plugin features

Daeho Ro added two features to the CSV plugin: automatically discover if the first row is a header row, and support gzipped CSV files.

New CLI features

Meet Gor added a new meta-command, .autocomplete to disable autocompletion of schema and table names.

François de Metz added a new environment variable to enforce a query timeout for all queries.

Thank you!

Thank you to all our Hacktoberfest 2022 contributors!
@akumar-99, @aminvielledebatAtBedrock, @anushas-dev, @AnykeyNL, @asfaltboy, @ashishsecdev, @breck7, @daeho-ro, @digitalisx, @fabpot, @francois2metz, @giant995, @hannesfant, @heav1811, @hiepph, @iamksgokul, @jdenoy, @kaggrwal, @lakshyatyagi24, @MichaelGraff, @michizhou, @mikoiv/, @Mr-Destructive, @raksit31667, @Santhusha-bit, @SaumyaBhushan, @sneakernuts, @sriram-km, @sudocurse, @tnorthcutt

We're always grateful for contributions from the Steampipe community. Hacktoberfest made October an especially active month, but the work continues year-round. If you'd like to pitch in, our Slack community is the place to meet other contributors and float ideas.