v0.13.0: Dashboards, ltree, 6 new plugins

Discover the great new features in Steampipe's open source v0.13.0 release!

Steampipe Team
7 min. read - Mar 16, 2022
Discover the great new features in Steampipe's open source v0.13.0 release!

What is Steampipe?

→ Query cloud APIs.
→ Visualize queries on dashboards.
→ Run compliance controls and benchmarks.
→ Blazing fast multi-threaded Golang CLI.
→ Connect anything to the embedded PostgreSQL.
steampipe cli
instance_state as state,
instance_type as type
| region    | state   | type      |
| eu-west-1 | running | t3.medium |
| eu-west-2 | running | m5a.large |
| us-east-1 | running | t3.large  |


Steampipe Dashboards.
Postgres ltree extension.
6 new plugins.
Even more goodies in the full release notes.

Steampipe Dashboards

We were so excited about this huge new v0.13 capability that we wrote about it separately in Dashboards as Code with HCL + SQL. Building dashboards the Steampipe way is a delightful and wildly productive experience for four main reasons:

  • Live data from APIs, not a data warehouse

  • Live editing, see changes as you type

  • Everything is made with code, HCL + SQL, versioned and shareable on GitHub

  • Huge library of working queries and dashboards to use, study, and remix

Check out that post for details and screencasts, then join the early adopters like Pete Wilcock who are already putting Steampipe Dashboards to use.

Here's how easy it is to get started with one of the new Insights mods, AWS Insights.

Clone the mod, start Steampipe Dashboards, and explore the 79 dashboards we've initially provided. And if you feel an itch you want to scratch, using data from any of the 67 plugins now available, check out the tutorial on building your own dashboards. It's easy, it's fun, and you'll accomplish more, faster, than you would have thought possible.

Postgres ltree extension

ltree, a Postgres extension for querying hierarchies represented as dot-delimited label paths, is now enabled in v0.13. Columns of type ltree can be queried using a regular-expression-like syntax that matches subpaths, and they can be indexed to speed up matching in large hierarchies.

Note: In v0.11 we enabled another Postgres extension, tablefunc. It provides a family of crosstab functions that you can use make pivot tables the Steampipe way: as code.

New plugins and mods

Since our last release, we've added 6 new plugins:

  • Algolia - query index, log, search, search_metadata
  • Config - query INI, JSON, and YML files
  • IMAP - query mailboxes and messages
  • LDAP - query group, organizational_unit, user
  • PlanetScale - query audit_log, backup, certificate, database, etc
  • Salesforce - query account, asset, contact, lead, product, etc, plus custom objects

We've also added five new mods: our first two Insights mods based on Steampipe Dashboards, plus a trio of mods that check your Terraform-defined infrastructure.

We are always improving the suites of plugins and mods. During this cycle we added tables to AWS, OCI, and Turbot.

Let’s get building!

Steampipe delivers tools to build, execute, and visualize and share cloud configuration, compliance, and security frameworks using HCL + SQL and a little elbow grease. To support those tools, it maps a growing suite of APIs to tables that you can query, and join across, in Postgres.

Do you want to help us expand the open source documentation and control coverage for CIS, PCI, HIPAA, and NIST? Add tables to existing plugins? Create plugins to bring new APIs into the mix? Create dashboards to visualize those APIs? The best way to get started is to join our Slack workspace and raise your hand. We would love to talk to you!

For even more good stuff in v0.13.0, check out the full release notes on GitHub.