Steampipe CLI v0.22.0 - Powerpipe is now recommended for dashboards and benchmarks
Mar 06, 2024cli

Steampipe unbundled, introducing Powerpipe

Powerpipe is now the recommended way to run dashboards and benchmarks!

Mods still work as normal in Steampipe for now, but they are deprecated and will be removed in a future release:

Whats new

  • Added version column to steampipe_plugin table. (#4141)
  • Direct all errors and warnings to standard error (stderr). (4162)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the issue where search_path_prefix set in database options does not alter the search path. (#4160)
  • Fix issue where asff output was always missing the first row. (#4157)

Deprecations and migrations

  • Steampipe mods and dashboards are now separately available in Powerpipe, a new open-source project. The steampipe mod, check and dashboard commands have been deprecated and will be removed in a future version. Migration guide.
  • Deprecated cloud-host and cloud-token CLI args, and replaced them with pipes-host and pipes-token respectively. (#4137)
  • Deprecated STEAMPIPE_CLOUD_HOST and STEAMPIPE_CLOUD_TOKEN env vars, replaced with PIPES_HOST and PIPES_TOKEN respectively. (#4137)
  • Deprecated cloud_host and cloud_token workspace args, replaced with pipes_host and pipes_token respectively. (#4137)
  • Removed support for deprecated terminal options. (#3751)
  • Removed support for deprecated max_parallel property in general options. (#4132)
  • Removed support for deprecated connection options. (#4131)
  • Removed deprecated version property from the mod require block. (#3750)