Steampipe CLI v0.23.0 - Performance optimizations that include connection key columns, sort order pushdown, and improved timing display
May 09, 2024cli

Whats new

  • Added support for connection key columns: (#768)

    A connection key column defines a column whose value maps 1-1 to a Steampipe connection and so can be used to filter connections when executing an aggregator query. These columns are treated as (optional) KeyColumns. This means they are taken into account in the query planning.

  • Added support for verbose timing information. (#4244)

  • Added support for pushing down sort order. (#447)

  • Updated limit pushdown logic to push down the limit if all sort clauses are pushed down. (#458)

  • Added support for WHERE column=val1 OR column=val2 OR column=val3...

  • Migrated from plugin registry from GCP to GHCR. (#4232)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed hang when timing is disabled. (#4237)
  • Added a signal handler for signal 16 to avoid FDW crash. (#457)