AWS plugin v0.133.0 - Added aws_acmpca_certificate_authority aws_dms_endpoint aws_dms_replication_task aws_docdb_cluster_snapshot and aws_transfer_user tables and fixed template_body_json column in table aws_cloudformation_stack
Mar 15, 2024plugin

What's new?


  • Added auto_minor_version_upgrade column to aws_rds_db_cluster table. (#2109)
  • Added open_zfs_configuration column to aws_fsx_file_system table. (#2113)
  • Added logging_configuration column to aws_networkfirewall_firewall table. (#2115)
  • Added lf_tags column to aws_glue_catalog_table table. (#2128)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the query in the aws_s3_bucket table doc to correctly filter out buckets without the application tag. (#2093)
  • Fixed the aws_cloudtrail_lookup_event input param to pass correctly end_time as an optional qual. (#2102)
  • Fixed the arn column of the aws_elastic_beanstalk_environment table to correctly return data instead of null. (#2105)
  • Fixed the template_body_json column of the aws_cloudformation_stack table to correctly return data by adding a new transform function formatJsonBody, replacing the UnmarshalYAML transform function. (#1959)
  • Fixed the next_execution_time column of aws_ssm_maintenance_window table to be of String datatype instead of TIMESTAMP. (#2116)
  • Renamed the client_log_options column to connection_log_options in aws_ec2_client_vpn_endpoint table to correctly return data instead of null. (#2122)