🚀Launch Week 01, October 2nd - 6th🚀

Steampipe CLI


steampipe checkRun Steampipe benchmarks and controls
steampipe completionGenerate the autocompletion script for the specified shell
steampipe dashboardSteampipe dashboards
steampipe helpHelp about any command
steampipe loginLog in to Steampipe CLoud
steampipe modSteampipe mod management
steampipe pluginSteampipe plugin management
steampipe queryExecute SQL queries interactively or by argument
steampipe serviceSteampipe service management
steampipe variableSteampipe variable management

Global Flags

Flag Description
--cloud-host Sets the Turbot Pipes host used when connecting to Turbot Pipes workspaces. See STEAMPIPE_CLOUD_HOST for details.
--cloud-token Sets the Turbot Pipes authentication token used when connecting to Turbot Pipes workspaces. See STEAMPIPE_CLOUD_TOKEN for details.
-h, --help Help for Steampipe.
--install-dir Sets the directory for the Steampipe installation, in which the Steampipe database, plugins, and supporting files can be found. See STEAMPIPE_INSTALL_DIR for details.
--mod-location Sets the Steampipe workspace working directory. If not specified, the workspace directory will be set to the current working directory. See STEAMPIPE_MOD_LOCATION for details.
-v, --version Display Steampipe version.
--workspace Sets the Steampipe workspace profile. If not specified, the default workspace will be used if it exists. See STEAMPIPE_WORKSPACE for details.
--workspace-chdir (DEPRECATED: please use --mod-location) Sets the Steampipe workspace directory. If not specified, the workspace directory will be set to the current working directory. See STEAMPIPE_WORKSPACE_CHDIR for details.
--workspace-database Sets the database that Steampipe will connect to. This can be local (the default) or a remote Turbot Pipes database. See STEAMPIPE_WORKSPACE_DATABASE for details.

Exit Codes

0ExitCodeSuccessfulSteampipe ran successfully, with no runtime errors, control errors, or alarms
1ExitCodeControlsAlarmsteampipe check completed with no runtime or control errors, but there were one or more alarms
2ExitCodeControlsErrorsteampipe check completed with no runtime errors, but one or more control errors occurred
11ExitCodePluginLoadingErrorPlugin loading error
12ExitCodePluginListFailurePlugin listing failed
13ExitCodePluginNotFoundPlugin not found
14ExitCodePluginInstallFailurePlugin install failed
21ExitCodeSnapshotCreationFailedSnapshot creation failed
22ExitCodeSnapshotUploadFailedSnapshot upload failed
31ExitCodeServiceSetupFailureService setup failed
32ExitCodeServiceStartupFailureService start failed
33ExitCodeServiceStopFailureService stop failed
41ExitCodeQueryExecutionFailedOne or more queries failed for steampipe query
51ExitCodeLoginCloudConnectionFailedConnecting to cloud failed
61ExitCodeModInitFailedMod init failed
62ExitCodeModInstallFailedMod install failed
249ExitCodeInvalidExecutionEnvironmentSteampipe was run in an unsupported environment
250ExitCodeInitializationFailedInitialization failed
251ExitCodeBindPortUnavailableNetwork port binding failed
252ExitCodeNoModFileThe command requires a mod, but no mod file was found
253ExitCodeFileSystemAccessFailureFile system access failed
254ExitCodeInsufficientOrWrongInputsRuntime error - insufficient or incorrect input
255ExitCodeUnknownErrorPanicRuntime error - an unknown panic occurred