steampipe plugin

Steampipe plugin management.

Plugins extend Steampipe to work with many different services and providers. Find plugins using the public registry at


steampipe plugin [command]

Available Commands:

installInstall one or more plugins
listList currently installed plugins
uninstallUninstall a plugin
update Update one or more plugins
--allApplies only to plugin update, updates ALL installed plugins.
--progressEnable or disable progress information. By default, progress information is shown - set --progress=false to hide the progress bar. Applies only to plugin install and plugin update.
--skip-config Applies only to plugin install, skip creating the default config file for plugin.


Install or update a plugin:

steampipe plugin install aws

Install a specific version of a plugin:

steampipe plugin install aws@0.107.0

Install the latest version of a plugin matching a semver constraint:

steampipe plugin install aws@^0.107

Note: if your semver constraint contain special characters you may need to quote it:

steampipe plugin install "aws@>=0.100"

Install all missing plugins that specified in configuration files. Do not download their default configuration files:

steampipe plugin install --skip-config

List installed plugins:

steampipe plugin list

Uninstall a plugin:

steampipe plugin uninstall dmi/paper

Update all plugins to the latest in the installed stream:

steampipe plugin update --all

Update the aws plugin to the latest version meeting the constraint:

steampipe plugin update aws@^0.107

Update all plugins to the latest and hide the progress bar:

steampipe plugin update --all --progress=false