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Configuration Files


Configuration options are defined using HCL options blocks in one or more Steampipe config files. Steampipe will load ALL configuration files from ~/.steampipe/config that have a .spc extension. By default, Steampipe creates a ~/.steampipe/config/default.spc file for setting options.

Terminal options may also be set at the workspace level; workspace options will override any global options set in the ~/.steampipe/config directory. To set terminal options at the workspace level, add them to a workspace.spc file in the root of your workspace folder. The syntax and supported arguments are identical to the terminal options as set in the global config file.

Note that many of the options control settings that can also be specified via other mechanisms, such as command line arguments, environment variables, etc. These settings are resolved in a standard order:

  1. Explicitly set in session (via a meta-command).
  2. Specified in command line argument.
  3. Set in environment variable.
  4. Set in a configuration file options argument.
  5. If not specified, a default value is used.

The following options are currently supported:

Option TypeDescription
generalGeneral CLI options, such as auto-update options
terminalTerminal options, which generally map to meta-commands
databaseDatabase options
connectionOptions that apply to connections