Environment Variables

Steampipe supports environment variables to allow you to change its default behavior. These are optional settings - You are not required to set any environment variables.

Note that plugins may also support environment variables, but these are plugin-specific - refer to your plugin's documentation on hub.steampipe.io for details.

Steampipe Environment Variables

PIPES_HOSTpipes.turbot.comSet the Turbot Pipes host, for connecting to Turbot Pipes workspace.
PIPES_TOKENSet the Turbot Pipes authentication token for connecting to Turbot Pipes workspace.
STEAMPIPE_CACHEtrueEnable/disable caching.
STEAMPIPE_CACHE_MAX_SIZE_MBunlimitedSet the maximum size of the query cache across all plugins. [DEPRECATED - use STEAMPIPE_PLUGIN_MEMORY_MAX_MB].
STEAMPIPE_CACHE_MAX_TTL300The maximum amount of time to cache results, in seconds.
STEAMPIPE_CACHE_TTL300The amount of time to cache results, in seconds.
STEAMPIPE_CLOUD_HOSTpipes.turbot.comSet the Turbot Pipes host, for connecting to Turbot Pipes workspace. DEPRECATED - Use PIPES_HOST
STEAMPIPE_CLOUD_TOKENSet the Turbot Pipes authentication token for connecting to Turbot Pipes workspace. DEPRECATED - Use PIPES_TOKEN.
STEAMPIPE_DATABASE_PASSWORDrandomly generatedSet the steampipe database password for this session. This variable must be set when the steampipe service starts.
STEAMPIPE_DATABASE_SSL_PASSWORDSet the passphrase used to decrypt the private key for your custom SSL certificate. By default, Steampipe generates a certificate without a passphrase; you only need to set this variable if you use a custom certificate that is protected by a passphrase.
STEAMPIPE_DATABASE_START_TIMEOUT30Set the maximum time (in seconds) to wait for the Postgres process to start accepting queries after it has been started.
STEAMPIPE_DIAGNOSTIC_LEVELNONESets the diagnostic level. Supported levels are ALL, NONE.
STEAMPIPE_INSTALL_DIR~/.steampipeThe directory in which the Steampipe database, plugins, and supporting files can be found.
STEAMPIPE_INTROSPECTIONnoneEnable introspection tables that allow you to query the mod resources in the workspace.
STEAMPIPE_LOGwarnSet the logging output level [DEPRECATED - use STEAMPIPE_LOG_LEVEL].
STEAMPIPE_LOG_LEVELwarnSet the logging output level.
STEAMPIPE_MAX_PARALLEL10Set the maximum number of parallel executions.
STEAMPIPE_MEMORY_MAX_MB1024Set a soft memory limit for the steampipe process.
STEAMPIPE_MOD_LOCATIONcurrent working directorySet the workspace working directory.
STEAMPIPE_OTEL_INSECUREfalseBypass the SSL/TLS secure connection requirements when connecting to an OpenTelemetry server.
STEAMPIPE_OTEL_LEVELNONESpecify which OpenTelemetry data to send via OTLP.
STEAMPIPE_PLUGIN_MEMORY_MAX_MB1024Set a default memory soft limit for each plugin process.
STEAMPIPE_QUERY_TIMEOUT240 for controls, unlimited in all other cases.Set the amount of time to wait for a query to complete before timing out, in seconds.
STEAMPIPE_SNAPSHOT_LOCATIONThe Turbot Pipes user's personal workspaceSet the Turbot Pipes workspace or filesystem path for writing snapshots.
STEAMPIPE_TELEMETRYinfoSet the level of telemetry data to collect and send.
STEAMPIPE_UPDATE_CHECKtrueEnable/disable automatic update checking.
STEAMPIPE_WORKSPACEdefaultSet the Steampipe workspace . This can be named workspace from workspaces.spc or a remote Turbot Pipes workspace
STEAMPIPE_WORKSPACE_DATABASElocalWorkspace database. This can be local or a remote Turbot Pipes database.