Enable or disable automatic caching of results. This can significantly improve performance of some queries, at the expense of data freshness. Caching is enabled by default.

Set STEAMPIPE_CACHE to true to enable caching, or false to disable.


Disable caching:

export STEAMPIPE_CACHE=false

Enable caching:


Advanced: Client & Server Caching

Note that when connecting to a remote Steampipe database instance, STEAMPIPE_CACHE can be set at BOTH the server and the client:

  • Setting STEAMPIPE_CACHE on the host where the Steampipe database is running controls whether caching is enabled at all (the same as setting the cache argument in database options).
  • Setting STEAMPIPE_CACHE on the remote client controls the caching options for this session only (the same as setting the cache argument in the workspace).
  • If the server has caching enabled a client may choose to disable it for their session, but if the server disables caching then no client can enable it.