Sets the directory for the Steampipe installation, in which the Steampipe database, plugins, and supporting files can be found.

Steampipe is distributed as a single binary - when you install Steampipe, either via brew install or via the curl script, the steampipe binary is installed into your path. The first time that you run Steampipe, it will download and install the embedded database, foreign data wrapper extension, and other required files. By default, these files are installed to ~/.steampipe, however you can change this location with the STEAMPIPE_INSTALL_DIR environment variable or the --install-dir command line argument.

Steampipe will read the STEAMPIPE_INSTALL_DIR variable each time it runs; if it's not set, Steampipe will use the default path (~/.steampipe). If you wish to ALWAYS run Steampipe from the alternate path, you should set your environment variable in a way that will persist across sessions (in your .profile for example).

To install a new Steampipe instance into an alternate path, simply specify the path in STEAMPIPE_INSTALL_DIR and then run a steampipe command (alternatively, use the --install-dir argument). If the specified directory is empty or files are missing, Steampipe will install and update the database and files to STEAMPIPE_INSTALL_DIR. If the directory does not exist, Steampipe will create it.

It is possible to have multiple, parallel steampipe instances on a given machine using STEAMPIPE_INSTALL_DIR as long as they are running on a different port.


Set the STEAMPIPE_INSTALL_DIR to ~/mypath. You will likely want to set this in your .profile.