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Service Mode

By default, when you run steampipe query, Steampipe will start the database if it is not already running. In this case, the database only listens on the loopback address ( - You cannot connect over the network. Steampipe will shut it down at the end of the query command or session if there are no other active steampipe sessions.

Alternatively, you can run Steampipe in service mode. Running steampipe service start will run Steampipe as a local service, exposing it as a database endpoint for connection from any Postgres compatible database client.

When you run steampipe service start, Steampipe will start in service mode. Steampipe prints connection information to the console that you can use in connection strings for your application or 3rd party tools:

$ steampipe service start
Steampipe database service is now running:
Host(s): localhost,,
Port: 9193
Database: steampipe
User: steampipe
Password: f6c8-4af0-a563
Connection string:
Steampipe service is running in the background.
# Get status of the service
steampipe service status
# Restart the service
steampipe service restart
# Stop the service
steampipe service stop

Once the service is started, you can connect to the Steampipe from tools that integrate with Postgres.

To stop the Steampipe service, issue the steampipe service stop command.