Sets the Steampipe database password for this session. By default, steampipe creates a random, unique password for the steampipe user. To use a different password, set the STEAMPIPE_DATABASE_PASSWORD variable and start the steampipe service.

Note the following:

  • Steampipe sets the steampipe user password when the database starts, thus this variable must be set when the steampipe service starts.
  • If the --database-password is passed to steampipe service start, it will override this environment variable.
  • Setting STEAMPIPE_DATABASE_PASSWORD (or passing the --database-password argument) sets the password for the current service instance only - it does not permanently change the steampipe password. You can permanently change the default password by editing the ~/.steampipe/internal/.passwd. Deleting this file will result in a new random password being generated the next time Steampipe starts.
  • Both steampipe and root can login from the local host (samehost in the pg_hba.conf file) without a password, regardless of the STEAMPIPE_DATABASE_PASSWORD value.


Start the steampipe service with a custom password:

steampipe service start